NOTE: For a limited time you can download the Dream is Ready in HD 1080p at the following link. 


The Dream is Ready is a short film teaser of Last Human Being.
Turn up the sound, turn down the lights and watch at 720 p.

A seemingly endless parade of Heroes interrogate the Other in a drug induced dream. But who or what is the Other?
For Mature audiences.

The Dream is Ready is a short teaser made to demonstrate our intentions to produce a micro-budget feature film entitled "Last Human Being" which tells the full story.

It is hoped that "the Dream is Ready" piques your interest and makes you want to see more.
This film was made with a volunteer cast and crew. It cost $1000 to produce.

Our minimum budget for the feature is 30 k. Our stretch goal, (pretty much mandatory to ensure awesomeness,) is 100k.

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Cast: Lukas Vanderlip, Sinead Grewcock, Corky McMechan, Michelle Clarke-Brown, Gavin Opp, Adel Karame, Adam Karame, Edward Karame, others...

Writer/Director: Brian C. Taylor
Co-Producers: Brian C. Taylor, Randy Kirk, Mike Poirier
Director of Photography: Kora Vanderlip
Sound: Torsten Nogel
Lighting: Bruce Mol
Director's Assistant: William Tims
Production Design/Makeup: Dawn Taylor
Production Manager: Donna Vanderlip
Clapper/Logger: Neillie Marshall
Documentarian: Cierra Carlyle
Light Assistant: Jim Isnardy
Set Construction: Don & Jean Blackwell
Production Assistants: Mike Fullerton, Jennifer Braun, Sebastian Leck
Editor/VFX: Brian C. Taylor
Music: Eridanus Supervoid IV courtesy of

Thank You:
Volunteer Cast and Crew
City of Vernon
Regional District of the North Okanagan
Kal Tire Place
NorJay Industries
Silver Spur Trails Ranch
Southwest Medical Supply
Torsten Huebsch
Luke Kendrick

For more information about our plans for the feature film, please click "FEATURE" at the top of this page.

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