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The Science Fiction Mystery Novella Last Human Being by Brian C. Taylor was published by PostPaper via Lulu this afternoon.
It will soon be available at retailers worldwide.
The ISBN number is 9781312926721

The book is available in three formats, for retail a 6x9 Trade Paperback, for cheap in a pocketbook exclusive to lulu, and for $2 as an e-book, in pdf.
Please go here to view all Brian's books at PostPaper. 

PRAISE FOR Last Human Being:

Colin Scott, script supervisor and developer has said of Last Human Being "It is in the vein of Moon or Under the Skin, it hangs with you long after you read it. Taylor's strongest writing yet." 

Award winning filmmaker Kora Vanderlip has said, "I really enjoyed it! I love the mystery, I had lots of questions while reading it, in a good way. The story kept me intrigued the whole way through." 

English Professor and Author of Forge, Kevin Macpherson Eckhoff has said, "Fast and shadowy, Last Human Being pits instinct against philosophy. This book, part somnambulist allegory, part speculative psychosomatic thriller, renders shifting dream-scapes in which impassioned characters confront not only one another's fears, but also the haunting vacuity of their own interiors. Fans of MTV’s original Aeon Flux series or George Lucas’s THX 1138 will easily be consumed by the ink—whether electric or chemical—within Brian Taylor’s first novella."

If you would like to know more about the story, please Click SYNOPSIS near the top of this page.

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