The surface of the Earth has been uninhabitable for generations.

The remnants of humanity survive in an ancient bunker, the Underground. 

Humanity is changing, slowly adapting to its new environment.

Cole grows up honing his psychic powers. He hopes to be the Hero that breaks through in the war against the Other, a mysterious disembodied consciousness. For over one hundred years it has been interrogated within a drug-induced dream.

One after the other, Heroes are sent into the dream, one after the Other they die. 

The Commander gives Cole his opportunity to live up to everyone's expectations when he becomes the latest graduate. 

To Cole, the Other appears in a forest, as a young woman named Dawn. Although distracted by Dawn's beauty, Cole is able to determine that the Other feels imprisoned by the Commander and wants nothing more than to leave. When the Commander systematically denies everything claimed true by the Other, Cole begins to have doubts about his mission. 

Slowly getting ill from his service and having difficulty telling dreams from reality, Cole's sympathy for the Other becomes love for Dawn. To test the viability of a possible double-agency, working both sides of the war, Cole does something nearly impossible in a psychic world, he lies. When his disinformation is cleared as factual, Cole discovers an unspoken, un-thought of conspiracy, a nonplan to change the cycle of sending Heroes to their deaths. 

As Cole becomes too sick to keep his intentions focused, he relies on the nonplan and his own desires to steer him to the right decisions. 

There might be a way for Cole to break through to the Other's side, on his own terms.
But there's a dark secret being kept from him, can he discover it before it's too late?

Last Human Being is a science fiction mystery novella and sci-fi horror film proposal from Brian C. Taylor.

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