Here is our plan to turn Last Human Being into a feature film.
This page will change a great deal as the plan is developed. 

1.) Our short teaser film the Dream is Ready is meant to demonstrate our ability to create the universe in which the story takes place, with a tiny budget. (It cost $1000) Brian's novella of the Dream is Ready is meant to spell out the feature film, in every detail. Now prospective viewers and investors can see our talent, know our story and decide to view or invest accordingly.

2.) Find dedicated individuals to be volunteer Department Heads: Indiegogo campaign, social media, communications, marketing, etc. These folks will be the team raising money.

3.) Develop and implement an engaging, fun and interesting fundraising campaign. Use characters from story to make video promos. Use our previous works to entice folks. Raise money and awareness. Sell some books, sell net percentages of the film's profits, other perks.

4.) Begin pre-production when budgetary minimums have been met. Part of pre-production will be to raise further money, privately, if possible.

The details of the budget are still being worked out but at the moment it seems like we're going to need a minimum of 30000 Canadian dollars for the production of an all-volunteer project and 100 000 to make LHB compete with a major motion picture, which is our goal.

The details of production are much more ironed out, with the exception of staffing and locations.
The plan will grow, the details are forthcoming, this page is the page to watch.

At the moment, we're still gathering interested talent and developing our campaign.

If you have any interest in helping us turn Last Human Being into a feature film, please contact us.
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Stay tuned...

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