What is LHB?

Last Human Being is a science fiction horror mystery written by Brian C. Taylor
The novella was published March 20th, 2015 by PostPaper Publications.
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There is a screenplay and plans to turn it into a micro-budget feature.
There will also be a campaign to raise funds for the feature and a short teaser film the Dream is Ready, was produced.
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 lasthumanbeing.com is your best bet for all information pertaining to the book and the films.

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Okay, but what is Last Human Being about?

Cole is a powerful psychic who becomes an unwitting Hero in an unspoken conspiracy to end a mental war with a mysterious consciousness from within a drug-induced dream.

That's it? We get one really long sentence?

Well, no. But doesn't it sound awesome already?

Last Human Being, like all of Taylor's films, is a philosophical commentary on greed, prejudice and fear, wrapped up in a cool sci-fi package. It has mystery, murder, romance, adventure and shifts gears on its audience several times.

If you must have more, go to the SYNOPSIS page, but buy the book and go in without knowing anything if you want the full experience.

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